Author Topic: Survivor: Cagayan - Beauty, Brains and Brawn (Season 28 - 2014)  (Read 236 times)

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So long...

...Jefra. I love ya girl. She is clearly a good person that doesn't seem to have a bad bone in her body and speaking of body....yowzza!! So hot. She was my weekly bikini fix and will be missed. With that said, she absolutely did not deserve to be in the Final 3. She was passive and didn't do anything worthy of a million bucks. You can add Trish and Kass to that growing list of undeserving. Why do they think that all it takes is for someone else to do the heavy lifting and they can just sit back and enjoy the ride and be rewarded for it? I would NEVER vote for them in the end....I would NEVER hand them the grand prize. I have my issues with Tony and I just downright can't stand the dude. But he would get my vote for the million dollars before any of those 3 chicks because he at least is playing the f*cking game.

You know who else is playing a fantastic game right now? Tasha! That's who. She has the social skills and everyone seems to liker her. She hasn't had any kind of issues with anyone. And throw into the mix that she is damn good in the Immunity Challenges. She has now rattled off 3 straight victories. I've been pulling for either Tasha or Spencer to win it all because they were underdogs. Turns out they have some game left in them. Spencer played Tony like a fiddle getting him paranoid about Jefra.
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