Author Topic: Survivor: Caramoan - Fans Vs. Favorites (Season 26)  (Read 254 times)

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Blindside Time

So long...

...Corrine. Bummer. It wasn't that I was pulling for her to win it all. I wasn't. It's just that she was nice to look at every week. She wasn't annoying as well. Well, not annoying most of the time anyway. Certainly not on the level some of the other players are. But voting her off was absolutely the right move to make because it squashed an impending mutiny that would have decimated the current alliance. Knocking her off also "locks" Sherri as a vote they can count on down the road because she would be grateful to still be in the game. Well, that's the mindset that Phil and the rest are counting on. Sherri is going to have to step it up and not play scared and not fall prey to "just being grateful to still be in the game". Grab it and run with it.

Anyway, fantastic episode and infinitely better than last weeks. Why? The merge baby! Having them all together changes the dynamic and it takes the focus off of a certain annoying player (Phil). At least for the time being. Props to Cochran. He OWNED the food eating challenge. It wasn't even a contest. He was inhaling everything!!! I've missed the food challenges on the show. It went AWOL for a long long time. No idea why they decided to get away from that. It was one of the best parts about the show in its infancy. So glad they brought it back. Hopefully it's back full time from here on out with each new season of Survivor.
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