Author Topic: Survivor: Caramoan - Fans Vs. Favorites (Season 26)  (Read 331 times)

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Cut Off the Head of the Snake

So long...

....Michael. Meh. It was the scared move to make in voting him off only because they couldn't come to an agreement in taking out one of the 3 bigger threat players. I loved that Michael flipped them all off as he was walking away from Tribal. I'm surprised more players don't do that. I know I would. One of the biggest moves I've ever seen happened during Tribal Council and that was Malcolm actually convincing Reynolds to give up his immunity to him. A) Malcolm is able to save his own Hidden Immunity Idol for later and B) we just how dumb Reynolds is. Who gives up an Idol? In the end, the move didn't affect the outcome since it was Michael that went home, but it will have a lasting effect throughout the remainder of the game.

Phil, as annoying and stupid as he appears to be, may in fact have a method to his madness. His rambling is what prompted Reynolds to use his Hidden Immunity Idol. So, I can't count Phil out of the game and he may in fact make it to the Final 3. Still remains to be seen if anyone would in fact vote for him to win it all. As for Dawn, the cracks and starting to widen with her and based on next week's preview, she is full-on meltdown mode....just like last time. Once again, I'm sure it has to do with the fact that no one votes the way she wants to vote. And since she was dead set on getting Malcolm off during this Tribal Council and he didn't get one vote is going to send Dawn off the deep end.

Loved that Brenda won the challenge. She was a rock and never once panic'd when the water was over her head. I would have been freaking out no doubt.
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