Author Topic: Survivor: Caramoan - Fans Vs. Favorites (Season 26)  (Read 1501 times)

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Last Push

And the Winner is....

....Cochran. Yay! It was a no-brainer going into the Vote who would win. As soon as he won the Immunity Challenge, it was all over. The editiors of the show tried their best to make it seem like either Eddie or Dawn had what it took to take the crown. But anyone that's watched the entire season would know this to be false. There just wasn't any other outcome to what we eventually got. Eddie did nothing other than voting off Phillip, and even that wasn't his moment. It was Malcolm's for having and playing the other Hidden Immunity Idol. Dawn was just too damn annoying that no one would want to reward her for that, and it has nothing to do with her ultimate betrayal of Brenda either. Sherri. Um? Huh? Ummmmm? Exactly. The most least-deserving player to make it to a Final 3. She ranks right up there with that one 'Boyscout-uniform-wearing' player from years ago.

So, it was easy to vote Cochran. He played the gamely brilliantly , won a handful of challenges that he shouldn't have and didn't p*ss anyone off too much at all. There was no shock that he swept the vote. As for Tribal Council, this one was OWNED by Brenda and she pulled off a major challenge to Dawn. In a nutshell, Brenda was able to get Dawn to remove her false teeth on national TV to more or less humiliate her and I think it worked. Even when Brenda was explaining to her how deep their "connection" was on the Island, Dawn was placating her with fake agreement. Even then I saw no remorse for what she did and removing her teeth was a last ditch effort to win a game she knew she wouldn't win. Anyway, congrats to Cochran. Can't wait to see what the Reunion Show brings.....

One last thing. Bummer about Erik. To get that close to the end and get pulled from the game. Man, that's gotta sting. Not sure he would have had a chance at winning either and given the fact that he couldn't stand and was having dizzy spells, he would have been a non-issue in the challenge and wouldn't have won that either.
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