Author Topic: Survivor: Game Changers Mamanuca Islands (Season 34 - 2017)  (Read 108 times)

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Episode 5
Vote Early, Vote Often

So long...

..Sandra. Well, it took 2 1/4 seasons.....Sandra FINALLY gets voted off. To this day, I still don't know how she ever won Survivor, let alone doing it twice. I don't think she is all that good of a player other than being able to manipulate others simply by "listening" to them. But then what the f*ck do I know....she bagged $2 Million for her efforts. So clearly something was working. I'm just glad she is finally gone. As for Tai, he is beyond stupid. If he acts in 'real life' the way he did in tonight's Tribal Council, then he has some serious issues he needs to seek help on. Either he is completely unaware of how he comes off or complete arrogance. As for Debbie, she is so full of sh*t in how she presents herself. The first time she played the game she liked to brag about how "tough" she is and how all of her "military" training has made her such a badass in life. She sucked then and she sucks more so now. She is extremely fragile and also needs to seek help outside the game. Kinda cool to see Cochran make a surprise appearance to help with strategy on 'Exile Island".....a Yacht of all things.
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