Author Topic: Survivor: Game Changers Mamanuca Islands (Season 34 - 2017)  (Read 108 times)

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Episode 6
What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile

So long...

...Jeff. Man, he is going to have to live with what he did for the rest of his life. THIS will define him moving forward. I find it very hard to imagine him doing anything else that will wipe away a moment he will regret forward. I was stunned when he outed Zeke as a Transgender to the world. My eyes literally looked like a cartoon. In a desperate move on his part shift the vote from him to another player, he chose to make it known Zeke has a habit of "deception", thus the reason why he outed him. I don't think Jeff did this with malicious intent....he was just stupid and shortsighted. But what is really baffling is that Jeff himself is a gay man. He should have looked at his own life and ask if what he was about to say and do was appropriate. As for Zeke, the look on his face when he realized what had just happened was very telling. A deer in headlights. I commend the rest of the Tribe-mates coming to his defense. And to Zeke's credit, he didn't rant or rave or point fingers. Very composed and told his story as to why he kept it to himself. Now, before people start bashing Survivor as doing this for "ratings", I'm sure the Producers of the show ask Zeke for approval to include this in the final edit. The episode itself gets 4 Stars as it was another solid one....but this Tribal Council gets 0 Stars for the revelation and 5 Stars for the Tribe-mates standing up for him.
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