Author Topic: Survivor: San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water II (Season 29 - 2014)  (Read 716 times)

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Episode 11
Kind of like Cream Cheese / Still Holdin' On

So long....

...Reed and Alec. Finally an episode worthy of the Survivor name. It was the perfect storm that coalessed into a fun-filled two hour episode. It's unusual to get a 2 hour episode outside the Finale and the occasional premiere. I'm glad they gave us this one because a lot happened. For starters, I love it when Jeff Probst gets annoyed at "players" and admonishes them on national TV. When the tribe was being "diplomatic" in their way of throwing the challenge so that they could hand it to Missy, the look of contempt on Jeff's face said it all. Why bother even creating challenges if all they are going to do is mock the process. F*ck this tribe. But out of this simple gesture, it created a big fracture when Missy chose Baylor (duh) and Natalie over Jacklyn, which was the opening Reed was looking for. In the end, he couldn't pull off the blindside and now he is gone, which I'm okay with. Don't like him.

Another fascinating thing to watch was of course Jacklyn and Jon's huge fight. Loved it. He's an idiot and doesn't deserve a woman like that. She can do so much better. Very telling to see her flirting with Alec while he was on Exile Island. Even more telling was that she was still flirting with him when he came back. It has nothing to do with "the game". She knows Jon is weak. Getting back to Jacklyn, she is one of the hottest players ever on Survivor and this episode in particular showed her off in grand fashion. Definitely need to get some screencaps and post here. I think I have finally picked someone to cheer on to win it and it's Keith because of the insurmountable odds he would get to the end. Huge underdog and yet he is still around. Natalie also belongs in the Final 2. Know one else belongs in the Top 3. First 5 Star episode this season. It's about damn time!
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