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Episode 13
This is My Time

And the winner is...


What a great moment for Survivor and definitely a moment that this season can hang its hat on. The first half of the season was very lackluster because no one was really playing the game, or more to the point, knew how to play the game. But watching Natalie pull off one of the biggest and quite possibly greatest blindsides in the series was......masterful. I loved how it all played out. I love that Natalie turned to Jacklyn and ask her if she voted for who she wanted voted off and got the answer she wanted and promptly gave Jacklyn the Hidden Immunity Idol. I was kinda shocked at first when I saw that it was Baylor that got voted off but then I immediately knew why she had to go. Get her off and leave Missy, with broken foot and all and you have bettered your chances at winning the Immunity Necklace in the final challenge. Missy will never win, so it was a practical move as well as a calculating one.

THIS is why I wanted Natalie to win. She EARNED it with all her big moves that basically dictated the outcome of this season. So, congrats to Natalie on a perfectly played game. As for the Final Tribal Council, I thought that Reed's 'Wicked Stepmother' speech was brutal. I felt incredibly bad for Baylor for having to sit there and listen to someone just verbally bashing her mother and not being able to do anything about it. It was a foregone conclusion that this would have her in tears. With that said, Missy is one of the most undeserving players to ever get to the the Final 3. This has nothing to do with her character. I have issues with the show literally carrying her into the Final 3 spot. Look, players get injured all the time. But when reality interferes with the game, that's where I draw the line. She breaks her foot and still wants to continue on, then great. But when you fit her with a leg cast, that's giving a player an unfair advantage (broken foot and all). She should have been pulled immediately. Overall, a strong finish for what was a lackluster season to start with.

PS, if I were Baylor, I would have gone up to Reed and kick him in the nuts. What did she have to lose? It's not like it would have affected her game or her mother's in any way. As for Keith, really wanted to see him get into the Top 3. He was killing it in the challenges and had he made it, I'm sure he would have won. Not bad for the Oldest player this season.
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