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Re: Survivor: Worlds Apart (Season 30 - 2015)
« on: April 29, 2015, 09:06:44 pm »
Episode 10
Survivor Russian Roulette

So long...

...Shirin. It was expected. But the Tribal Council was at least exciting to watch when Mike revealed that along with the Immunity Necklace, he has the Hidden Immunity Idol and would be giving it to her, thus forcing the "Tribe of 6" to vote against one another. But here's the rub, I for one never believed he would surrender the Idol to her because it's just something you don't do, especially with the amount of players left in the game. The Tribe of 6 called Mike's bluff and still voted for her. So, she is out. The interesting thing was that two people threw votes to Dan. This will set up some major paranoia next week. With Mike set to play his Hidden Idol next week should he not win the Immunity Challenge Necklace, they will have to start voting against their Tribe of 6. Should be good.
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