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Author Topic: The Amazing Race (Season 21 - 2012)  (Read 431 times)

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Re: The Amazing Race (Season 21 - 2012)
« on: October 05, 2012, 05:51:49 pm »
Double Your Money

A good start to another season of The Amazing Race. The new twist for this season is that the first team to finish first during the opening leg of the Race will have the opportunity to 'Double Their Money' at the end. What this means is that the first team to notch a victory for Leg 1 can now win $2 Million if they are the first team to cross the finish line. All other teams will have to settle for a measly $1 Million. Oh, it must suck to win that puny amount of cash.

After watching the premiere episode, I already can't stand two teams in particular. The first team that I want off by next week is the Chippendale's Team. They are the dumbest meat heads on the planet. They give dudes a bad name. They make all of us look pathetic. The other team I can't stand is the Gay Couple. No, it has nothing to do with them being Gay, but everything to do with their constant whining. The longer the Race goes on, the better the chance that the Tall Gay Guy is gonna kick his boyfriends ass. You can see that he is already at the end of his rope.

The Team, as of now, that I'm pulling for to win is the 'Best Friends" Team. Don't know their names yet, but it's the Really Tall Dude and the Short Dude. They seem to have the right attitude. The Team representing San Diego is a joke. They embarrass me. The last few teams from San Diego that have been on The Amazing Race have sucked donkey balls. I don't see the trend ending anytime soon.
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