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Re: The Blacklist (Season 1 - 2013)
« Reply #30 on: May 13, 2014, 09:32:49 am »
Berlin: Conclusion

They were not f*cking around with the Season Finale and they really went for broke in how they handled it. It was shocking to see that they would kill off Meera. I know that no series really has an untouchable character, but it was still shocking to see them off her like that and it didn't end there. They even had Elizabeth kill off Tom, who I thought would be around for much much longer. I was thinking he would be around for as long as the series was on the air. They even sent Harold Cooper to the hospital. Remains to be seen what they do with the character next season though.

As great as this episode was, they tipped their hand off too soon and in a very easy manner as to who Berlin was. As soon as I saw that "Prison Guard" that was in the hospital bed recovering from his injuries was played by Peter Stormare, I absolutely knew 1000% that he was Berlin. The writers basically pulled a page right out of The Usual Suspects and went with the Keyser Söze angle. It wasn't a bad way to go, it's just screamed out who the players were.

The final scene does raise some interesting 'What-if's' though. Reddington has been emphatic about convincing Elizabeth that he is not her biological father and yet when he takes his shirt off, we see that he has suffered from severe burns, most likely the same fire that she remembered as a child taking the life of her father. The other interesting thing was the photo Red had in his hand....a picture of Berlin's daughter. Hmmmm....
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