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Re: The Flash (Season 2 - 2015)
« on: May 25, 2016, 07:19:47 am »
Episode 22

When they killed off Laurel / Black Canary over on Arrow a few weeks back, I always had it in my mind that this would be reversed with the help of Legends of Tomorrow with their whole Time Travel gimmick and sure enough, it was Sara that was demanding to do just that. To my surprise, they never did and I figured that they would revisit the idea later. For the time being, her demise would be permanent. What I totally forgot was that Earth-2 still had doppelgangers and lo and behold, "Laurel" returns as Black Siren. It was great to see Katie Cassidy back on TV and in my eyes, in a much better role for her. She was good as the Black Canary, but I always preferred Caity Lotz in the role. As Black Siren, she just looks better as a brunette and more importantly, she plays better as a Villain and she can make this own character instead of constantly being compared to Caity's version. I'm down for more of this.

Great episode that finally had John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays 'reuniting' on screen for the first time since their own Flash series back in 1990-91. They even set up a possible romance between the two, just like before. But as soon as I saw where they were taking this, it was bad. It was impending doom and sure enough, Zoom arrives and kidnaps him. The final scene has Zoom apparently killing him in front of Barry. They left this as a cliffhanger, but I'm pretty sure that we just saw the last of Barry's father. I hope I am wrong because I really like the relationship they have on the show. It gives the series its heart which is something that would be lacking if they in fact just got rid of him. One last episode left. Can't wait to see what the Season Finale has to offer.
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