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Re: The Mandalorian
« on: December 19, 2020, 07:28:08 pm »

Just got finished watching the Season Finale of Season 2 and the final 10 minutes literally had be breathless. By now EVERYONE has heard that Mark Hamill returns as Luke Skywalker, via De-Aging FX and it left me grinning ear to ear. Having Artoo pop in was the icing on the cake! This moment was, is and will forever be the greatest Star Wars moment since the King of all Star Wars Moments (Luke saving Darth Vader and completing his redemption from Return of the Jedi). Mando taking off his helmet to say goodbye to Grogu left me with tears in my eyes. THIS series and particularly this season has been what I have been wanting and craving since ROTJ came to end. Two trilogies later and it still hadn't given me what I wanted.....until now. I'm a happy boy right now.

As for the rest of Season 2.....AMAZING! So much happening, but up till the Finale, my money on best episode ever was The Jedi, which FINALLY gave us Ahsoka Tano as played by  Rosario Dawson, who was born to play her. She is pitch perfect in the role. I can't wait for her series to drop. And the other BIG news for this season was also the return of the once-thought-killed-off-in-the-dumbest-way-possible category: Boba Fett! F*ck!!!!!! How do you end this Season Finale? Why, you have him go back to Jabba's Palace and assume the throne as his own! Perfect! Can't wait for his series to drop either!

So, what becomes of The Mandalorian? I really don't know where they go now. His entire story arc was driven by protecting and getting Grogu back to his kind and now that Grogu has gone off with Luke, that story is a wrap as far as I can see it. I thought maybe when Ahsoka name-dropped Grand Admiral Thrawn (another WTF moment for me!!!!), I figured that would keep Mando busy with another arc. But with Ahsoka getting her own series, I don't see Thrawn dropping in on The Mandalorian. So much to talk about. But I'm still processing this all in. But man, did Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni deliever!

Mind is going to places I didn't think possible, namely tying up loose ends of Star Wars Rebels. If you haven't seen or watched this series to be you! Look, go watch it. It's absolutely vital that you do because I think we are about to get Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren into the mix given how Ahsoka and Sabine went off to search for Ezra in the final shot of Rebels, who himself has his own connection to Thrawn. You see why my mind is literally crammed full of goodness?

So just happened!
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