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Episode 12. The Sh*t They Should Have Showed. I've never liked this particular episode they do for each season. It's just a way to pad the season and make it a little bit longer and it doesn't really add anything to the current "narrative".

Episode 13. Final episode and what we were promised all season long...a fight between Cory and Brian in the van....never happens. Bait and switch. It's what MTV is great at. They hype certain things because they know it's gonna get a reaction and get people to tune in. Mission accomplished. The bulk of the episode was boring. It's their last 3 days and it's all about "remembering the good times they shared on the show". Blah blah blah. Only near the end does it get interesting when a drunk Brian goes on a rampage, tearing the house apart. Cory and Brian finally "fight". Well, Cory throws Brian down on the ground and holds him there until security gets there.

Watching this final episode, I remembered why it was that I just lost interest in the show as a whole. By the end of the season, nobody gives a f*ck about who these people are. Nobody cares what is going to happen to them once they leave the show. They are all extremely shallow and lets be honest, have nothing to offer. They are dull, uninteresting, boring people that only know about how to act on TV a certain way to get more screen time. So, it's NEVER real (which I never had any delusions about). With that said, there have been a few memorable seasons that had interesting people (LA, the Original SF, Hawaii come to mind).  Will I ever return to watching The Real World again after a 6 year hiatus? I dunno. The concept for this season was unique by bringing in the Exes. We shall see.....but I won't hold my breath on that one.
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