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Re: The Strain
« Reply #30 on: September 17, 2014, 09:04:37 pm »
The Disappeared

This show is still in its infancy, and yet it felt very odd that Sean Astin is gone. Sucks that this is permanent. Sigh. Anyway, solid episode. I'm most interested in  Abraham's story, especially his time in the concentration camp. When they showed Abe's hands in present day, my initial reaction was "poor David Bradley, he's got some serious arthritis". I still think those are in fact his hands, but they were able to work it into the story by showing how Abe got his hands crushed back in 1944 by The Master. The Blond chick is annoying me. So, she has come face to face with vampires and knows that all of New York is infected and the first thing she does is whine about her roommate stealing her laptop? I think there are bigger priorities at the moment, don't cha think?
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