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Re: The Walking Dead (Season 2)
« Reply #135 on: March 04, 2012, 10:21:14 pm »
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What the  f u c k ! You know what's interesting and probably the biggest bone of contention with fans of the show is that all of Season 2 has basically stayed in one location the entire time. And yet people complain about this. Are they even watching the show? This is some of the most compelling TV viewing I have ever seen and it has been unbelievably good. It's not even a show about killing Walkers anymore, but about humans turning on each other. I knew that Rick wouldn't be able to go forward with killing Randall, but I had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next. There was doom hanging in the air and as soon as I saw Dale walking out onto the field, I knew he was going to be attacked by 'The Creek Walker'. I've seen this before. Saving Private Ryan, anyone?

But the way he was torn apart took me by surprise. I was expecting a 'chomp, chomp, chomp' moment. Not a 'Riiiiiiiiiiiiip' moment. Poor Dale. I knew that Darryl would be the one to step up and put Dale out of his misery. Even though he put Sofia out of her misery, I just don't think Rick has what it takes to kill other humans.

Best. Episode. Ever.... spite of Rick's bon mot to Carl: Don't talk. Think.
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