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Re: The way people view television...
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:46:58 pm »
The HBO thing seems like a given, they paid an insane amount of money to get half of the movies coming out until 2020, and if they can offer their subscriptions to people without those people having to pay for all the extra channels, of course they're going to do it.  The big concern, though, is that it's a user-oriented experience.  Netflix got to be where it is because it wasn't treated like an afterthought, it was all about a sleek, dependable user experience, and I feel like the more traditional companies will just settle for "good enough" because they still want to make their money off traditional channels (this is why I don't like Crackle, it's a lousy interface with a lousy selection, lousy menus, the ad transitions are clunky, it's "good enough" and it's not nearly good enough).

We're also seeing original content coming out for PS4 (with Powers) and Halo for XBox (and Showtime, I understand), so there's going to be a big demand for content, which is great for creators, but the problem is, they need a LOT of it to make their subscriptions worth the price.  We're already seeing the Pixar "Brain Trust" show up in other companies (Disney animation made their own, and there's evidently something similar set up for Star Wars and Marvel Pictures), and I think that might be a great way for production companies to maintain a high level of quality (and establish a brand identity) while creating stand-alone features for all these platforms.


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