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Re: The X-Files (Season 10 - 2016)
« Reply #30 on: February 22, 2016, 09:17:44 pm »
Episode 6
My Struggle II

I'm f*cking p*ssed at Chris Carter for what he gave us as a Season Finale and quite possibly the series finale....again. Seriously. what the f*ck was up with this episode? Because this was the final hour, that meant they had to ramp up everything to fit within the allotted time and because of that it suffers tremendously. To say that this was rushed is an understatement. To have everything coming to a head out of nowhere just showed that Carter lost it from the outset. Had this been a 2 hour finale, a lot of the problems could have been dealt with. But that wouldn't have changed the ending which just....ends and sucked royally. Very unsatisfying to say the least. If this is it, this is going to eat away at me. With that said, I did like the little subplot that brought back Agent Reyes and explained how she was directly involved with nursing CSM back to health. Would have been nice to get some update on the whereabouts of Agent Doggett.

As much as I liked the stand alone episodes this season,  Carter really f*cked up by not dedicating all 6 episodes to the mythology of the series. It's what everyone wanted and what needed to be told. It's why I thought the series was coming back for. So, in the end, all we got were 2 episodes with a lame ending with no f*cking resolution. UGH!!!! F*CK!!!!
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