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Re: Fear The Walking Dead (Season 1 - 2015)
« Reply #15 on: August 24, 2015, 08:44:37 am »
So how did Calvin become the Walking Dead from a gun shot? Is this going back to the original series where the virus is already in people and once you die or get killed, you automatically come back dead? So the virus is airborne?

Calvin was shot dead from the gunshot wound and since the same rules of TWD apply in FTWD, he comes back as a Walker. As for the virus being airborne, which was mentioned in TWD, it's anybody's guess that the writers actually stick to this. As of now, it is and the moment you perish (with brain intact), you get fitted for a nice Walker wardrobe. Yes, the virus is inside of us, but something in the air triggered it. It remains to be seen what exactly that is. I'm sure we will get some side stories happening that will explain some, if not all our questions. I'm sure Kirkman will want to keep some things secret for the time being. I understand why you wouldn't want an addict as the main character, but this serves up the ultimate redemption arc, which is something I'd like to see. It's going to offer up some interesting stories because as you already pointed out, he will be struggling with withdrawal and he's sure to be looking for his next fix amid a horde of Walkers. And I can guarantee you that this will lead to someone's untimely demise and will most likely be his wake-up call.
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