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Re: Fear The Walking Dead (Season 1 - 2015)
« Reply #30 on: September 13, 2015, 10:23:37 pm »
Episode 3
The Dog

As this episode was winding down, I was asking myself how I was going to go about reviewing it when it's more or less the same thing as the previous episode. This isn't a bad thing because I am enjoying the series so far. I just didn't know what I was going to talk about here. But then the final 10 minutes happened. Was not expecting to see the Military show up at the end to save that Old man about to get chomped on by his wife. I was actually expecting to see Maddie step up and do what needs to be done and that was to take her down herself. They have set up the same Shane/Rick dynamic of one knowing what needs to be done and the other refusing to even hold a gun. But the most interesting thing for me comes in the final scene with Ruben Blade's character when he says "it's too late". I may be reading into this the wrong way, but something tells me he knows more about what's happening then he is letting on. Even if he is "just a Barber". One thing I do have an issue with is how Maddie is being so cavalier. She knows what is out there. She's seen it first hand as well as the neighbors being infected. Yet she is playing Monopoly? I get that she is trying to shield her Daughter from knowing anything and trying to make it as if everything is A-OK, but come on, there is no way in hell anyone would be able to be that composed to play a board game.
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