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So I've been watching the new Match Game as they've been coming out, and there was finally a must-watch episode.  Match Game is a tricky one to do in this day and age.  While our minds are certainly still as filthy as they were back in the day, now our mouths are as dirty.  It used to be that you needed a dirty pun to avoid saying what you were thinking out loud, and that I think was part of the fun of the game, but now that's not there.  It was a game of suggestion, after all.

Alec Baldwin is... an interesting host, especially in the first episode because it felt like he was hosting the show against his will and that **** me up.  I just got the sense that he hated every moment on stage, which if it was intentional, was sheer brilliance.  But after a week at the job he's starting to get into the groove.

But what makes the show is the panel, and the panel last night was perfect.  Not just because of the people on it (including Jack MacBrayer, so red he looks like George Hamilton), but the fact that they abandoned any sense of decorum.  They were already allowed to drink, but last night they were getting up and walking around, talking to each other, sharing answers, and Leah Remini conferring with Leslie Jones was priceless ("I've never been scared of a white girl before!").  H3ll, one point Leslie Jones, who admits to having no poker face, got so upset she got up and walked backstage to vent for a second.  And one of the players got a perfect match the first time through, so the show didn't have enough content to cut that stuff out, they had to show it!  Game shows are always entertaining when things go wrong (that entire "you fool!" episode of Hollywood Squares comes to mind), and I hope this level of insanity continues, because that made Match Game a must watch for me.


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