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I've already seen cool videos for this... and I want to keep on top of them,so here's a little repository for them!

The newest one I've seen is a take-off on Top Gear, showing off the new Origin spacecraft:

Is this a new game property? I've never heard of it before. The video does look sweet and has got my interest.

Yeah... here's a video explaining what's up with it:

New trailer.
This honestly reminds me of the 90s in a funny way, back when I was playing computer games and they seemed to become more detailed and engrossing.  Instead of just playing through in a couple hours, like on Sega or Nintendo, you could spend days in there, exploring a world that seemed to go on.  I remember thinking it wouldn't be long until there was a game powerful enough to draw people away from their real lives.  To sit at their computers and play until they withered up and died.  I guess Warcraft was an example of that, but this really feels like the first game that could be The Matrix, where people could just turn it on, strap on their Oculi, and decide that world is better than the real one and refuse to come out.

Trailer for Squadron 42.  Check out that cast!


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