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Re: Star Wars Battlefront II
« on: December 29, 2017, 05:44:12 am »
Having just finished the game, I have some thoughts. First off, I thought the Campaign Mode and the sole reason why I bought the game in the first place to begin with was very enjoyable from start to finish. Sure, there are a few hiccups along the way and that only has to do with the plot being rushed along the way and that is really where my only criticism of the game is. I really don't like that Studios are of the mindset to think that shorter Campaigns are the way to go now. Clocking in at 6-7 hours to complete (depending on how fast you as the player go through this), I came away letdown at how short this was. I remember when games use to have anywhere from 15-30 hours to complete. Now, we have even less and yet we are ask to pay more?

As for Resurrection, the free DLC add-on that continues the Campaign story-line was more of a letdown, clocking in at 90 minutes, give or take, to complete it. Sure, I guess you can argue "well, what do you expect to get when it's free" mentality. The final Cutscene was awful. It's apparent that EA was under the gun to get the DLC out regardless of how it looked for whatever reason. The story in Resurrection was also rushed and could have benefited by expanding it's gameplay longer.

As for Online / Multiplayer, I'm really not a fan of it. To be fair, I'm not a fan of Call of Duty and these types of games where that's all they have to offer. Running around just shooting people is not fun and having a Blaster or Lightsaber still doesn't change the fact that I find the Multiplayer mode to be lacking in this department. That's why GTA in my book is simply the best because they offer so much more than your typical 'Capture the Flag' or "Deathmatches". But that's a discussion for another time. I will say that I do enjoy playing Arcade Mode in SWBF2 and I prefer playing Starfighter Assault over Ground Assault. This is where I get to geek out playing either X-Wing or TIE-Fighter in aerial battles.
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