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Re: The Last Of Us
« on: September 22, 2014, 01:56:06 pm »
This is the downside of exclusivity, if you have an X-Box, you can't play Playstaton games, and if you have a Wii, you can't play blah blah blah.  And building a Yoshi's Boxx for those consoles is cost-prohibitive (to be fair, the original one was as well, but I gotta imagine SOMEONE has multiple consoles).  It'll be a fair number of years before the consoles are cheap enough to get more than one... there is a software alternative, I think there's a site out there where you can play video games over the internet, THEY have the consoles and the games and pipe the information into YOUR terminal.  I can see lagging/quality being an issue at present (not to mention the legal complications) but I can see that coming out sooner rather than later.


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