Author Topic: The High School Genre Cliche Thread  (Read 515 times)

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Re: The High School Genre Cliche Thread
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:59:20 pm »
Didn't they have lacrosse in American Pie?  Or was that just the American Jedi parody, which is the only one I can remember.

My school never had a football team (undefeated!), so I never got the whole appeal.  One Tree Hill was, I think, Cain and Abel on the basketball court, but yeah, baseball... unless they remake a Japanese high school movie we probably won't get that.  Which is so strange since it's the American pasttime.  Heck, the last baseball movie, Moneyball, barely had any actual baseball in it.

I now wonder what extra-curricular activities could be interesting spines for high school movies, we've have school papers, cheerleaders and glee club, but there's tons more.  And not just the crummy school has exceptional kid in unlikely field becomes a symbol of hope type stories, like the inner city kid is a chess whiz and goes to a chess tournament and brings pride to the town type of thing.  You could have a foodie club (like the Breakfast Club) or something like that.

One trope I'm guilty of is the "new guy in the middle of the school term."  Never joins school at the start of the year.  And in the incredibly unlikely chance it IS the first day of school, you never see them buy their textbooks or put all their junk in their lockers for the first time (or empty their lockers) or pop open a fresh lock... 


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