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Re: Jobs (2013)
« on: May 18, 2014, 10:15:37 am »
This was one of those movies that was exactly what I expected it to be, it wasn't better than I thought it would be, it wasn't worse than I though it would be.  it was serviceable.  At NO point did I think that Ashton Kutcher disappeared into the role, and I never found the character that compelling or interesting.  I wasn't really on his side in terms of creating the greatest computer out there, even though IRL I'm totally that kind of design freak.  Now having said that, there were a couple moments where I liked his salesmanship: when he sells the Apple I boards to that shop and points out that the shop can make more money selling their own screens and peripherals.  It's probably because that's a talent I wish I had.

Did you get the feeling that this movie was trying to go the Social Network route, showing one renegade college kid creating something out of his basement that changed the world?  I do like seeing all these little operations become big businesses with those same weird players in suits in an expensive office acting like they have no idea what a real place of business looks like (Wolf of Wall Street did that too), it's sort of comforting in a way.  Like "hey, we're all trying to figure out this sh*t."

BTW, the "crazy ones" monologue at the end felts as forced and out of place as the "Captain's Oath" (still not an oath) at the end of Star Trek into Darkness.

And am I the only one who, when they showed the Ridley Scott commercial (notice they didn't drop the director's name or ANYTHING), it looked like they downloaded it off Youtube instead of actually getting the TV-quality reel?  What was up with that?  This whole movie sort of felt "unauthorized," like they didn't have permission to use Jobs' name or likeness so they didn't have access to the sort of back catalogue and resources as, say, Saving Mr Banks.

Chip, did you happen to see the iSteve movie with Justin Long?


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