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Re: Politics
« Reply #465 on: June 16, 2016, 05:37:27 am »
Mark my words, Trump will decline the nomination at the Convention. He will use the excuse that the GOP was not willing to "work with him", making it harder for him to "win". He will blame the GOP for whatever reason. But the fact will remain the same: he was NEVER going to win. He was never going to beat whoever the Democratic nominee turned out to be. And since his ego is so inflated, that's why he is ramping up his rhetoric to alienate as many people as possible, knowing full well the GOP would revolt and distance themselves from him. Trump needs an "out" and this is how he is creating it. He wants to be able to point the finger and blame someone else for the fact that EVERYONE hates him and would NEVER vote for him. He wants to create an excuse for quitting, that the deck was "stacked" against him. However he paints it, he was, is and will always be exactly what he calls everyone else.....a LOSER. Another reason why I feel he will decline is that he won't have any money. He needs donors to run a campaign and there is absolutely no way he will foot the bill out of his own pocket. A billion dollars at minimum. Do you really think he is going to raise even a fourth of that, let alone a billion? The guy is not as rich as he wants people to believe. Even if he did have the money, he still wouldn't use his own money. He is a cheap motherf*cker. He had to be shamed into donating the $1 Million that he promised the Vets a few weeks ago.
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