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Re: Politics
« Reply #480 on: June 16, 2016, 01:49:32 pm »
Oh dear god I hope so.  Even with the unfortunate side effect that a TON of people will be disenfranchised this time around, first conservatives having NO nominee (which would probably force a system reboot of the party, which is desperately needs), and the second is the sizable pro-Bernie chunk of the Democratic party that understands the needs for progressive reforms.  I mean, let's be fair, even if Hillary struck a deal with Bernie regarding policy initiatives for supporters, she was probably NEVER going to honor that agreement, but the mission statement of the democratic party would have pointed in a more progressive direction, but that's not going to happen now anyway because she's already beating Trump by a wide enough margin.

Honestly, while my tune might change about Hillary after seeing her in action, it probably won't, and she seems like the last hurrah of the old system.  And with any luck, it'll be a good one, but the two-party system and the parties have just been showing their obsolescence for a while, especially in the last year, so I think Hillary will be the last of the Old Guard before the New Guard come in and Generation X and up start taking their place in the annals of power.


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