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Re: Politics
« Reply #480 on: June 16, 2016, 02:30:47 pm »
The other thing I forgot to bring up in my previous post has to do with the GOP in general. Much has been said about how Trump has hijacked the party and that everyone has to "fall in line" if they want to win the General. In his mind that would make sense.....if he was a person worth supporting. He uses the threat of the 15 million voters he brought in during the Primary as his 'Trump Card' to strong-arm other Republican Governors, Senators, House Speaker, back him, or there will be "riots" at the convention. The fact that most (for awhile) were reluctantly endorsing their Republican presumptive Nominee never made any sense to me. Sure, he brought in 15 million, but last I checked, the minimum he would need in the General is in the neighborhood of 65 million. Now factor in his unfavorable's and you are left scratching your head wondering how he is able to constantly threaten the GOP. So, why are all the big Republicans protesting that they are "handcuffed" into backing him when the numbers don't favor a Republican win in November?

Do the f*cking math Paul Ryan. Look at it from the outside and you will see that there is no way Trump is going to win. Period. Just with this knowledge and only this should have snapped them out of their fog that they could and should dump him and refuse to vote for him in the first round. They need to look at this as a lost cause. Embracing this inevitable outcome should free them to finally pull the plug on him in spite of his "threats". Nominate someone else. Who that should be is irrelevant because it's already a loss anyway. They kill and embarass Trump on the grandest stage, get their White Knight and hope for the best and pull out a miracle. Remember, the party needs to just chuck those 15 million and try to appeal to those that never voted during the primary. Stop letting Trump, who has ZERO power from dragging you down when you still have a chance to cut him off at the knees.

All this is for naught anyway since he will decline and Romney (in spite of his "protesting" the last 6 months) will be dropped in as their White Knight as he gladly accepts the nomination.
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