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Re: Politics
« Reply #480 on: June 29, 2016, 06:09:49 pm »
Wow,! I just heard that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch both met in secret on his plane. Naturally Lynch is claiming it was all "innocent" and has come out saying "we never talked about Hillary's email issues. All we talked about was about our grand kids". Bullsh*t!  Even if that were true (I don't believe it one bit mind you), but what they talked about is irrelevant in the eyes of public perception. Both knew that this meeting would get out and people would automatically start in with their conspiracy theories and rightly so. Everyone now sees the impropriety of this. The fact that it was "held in secret" is the first tip off that both knew exactly what they were doing and what the public would invariably think of it. She needs to recuse herself from her case immediately because if the FBI does in fact request that Clinton be indicted and Lynch refuses, people, if they aren't already aware of it now, will be crying "rigged system".
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