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Re: Politics
« Reply #60 on: April 23, 2012, 09:52:06 am »
Ted Nugent signs plea deal after illegally killing a bear on his TV show

Maybe it was on Bill Maher or Chip's news show, but someone made the comment about how a lot of these guys (politicians, activist, etc) get tripped up, is they keep talking. I don't know... to stay relevant? Ted Nugent just talks too much. And after hearing a big dose of him over the weekend on the Dave Glover Show, half the stuff he says is reasonable, but then he keeps talking and then he starts to sound real bad. On one hand, I admire his beliefs and confidence, but the coc ky tends to sink him.

He was asked by Dave if running for office is in the cards, and he said sure. Anything is possible. I just don't think he could last. Despite his coc kyness, he hasn't debated in someone else's arena. It's always his show. And his statements about how his family comes first is absolutely great. I just think like every other politician, the media will generate scum and not sure Nugent could handle it in the correct manor.

Ted Nugent’s run in the headlines continues as he’s now facing the repercussions of illegally killing a black bear in the Alaskan tundra while filming his television series, “Spirit of the Wild.”

In a report in the Anchorage Daily News, the musician and reality star signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors on April 14 and admitted to illegally shooting and transporting a black bear in Sukkwan Island, Alaska, two years ago. The kill surpassed federal hunting limits after Nugent injured another bear with an arrow four days prior. Both attacks were caught on camera by the rocker, and used as material in his TV show.
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