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Tested: Microsoft Surface Studio Review

Long time subscriber to their channel, but I wasn't expecting them to do a review of the Surface Studio. They did a great job here. I actually think it's the best review for this type of product because they actually went out and got a couple of professional artists to help out. What better way to really put the Surface Studio to the test than having people that do art for a living and actually are one to use Wacom in their own work. With that said, the one thing that is keeping me at arms length, which BTW, has nothing to do with it not being a 'Gaming PC', but has to do with the fact that you can't upgrade parts. It's mentioned in passing here, but I had heard from another review where they were concerned over the idea of the PC Computer dying. Think about it, should it ever brick (and it will one day), the buyer will be f*cked. They won't be able to replace any parts. If you have a bad motherboard or a hard drive that tanks, you're sh*t out of luck. You will have to junk it all, even if the Monitor and keyboard works. That would be a huge, pricey paperweight. Can't justify paying the minimum of $3K for something that will eventually fail and who knows how long the PC would even last. I'm hoping that the Surface Studio line is a huge success because that will be more incentive for Microsoft to do different Size monitors which would drive the price down substantially. Not everyone has the table space for something so big. Not everyone wants to even work on something as big as this monitor. So, here's hoping we get different size versions of this moving forward. As of now, my money will be heading to the Surface Book 2.
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