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Title: Defiance
Post by: Mac on April 16, 2013, 07:51:16 am
Defiance - SyFy

I swore I wrote about this...

Maybe as I get older I am becoming less tolerant of television. I have definitely defined for myself stricter parameters on what I watch. I guess itís been all the years of late with nothing but dreck on the tube. And in certain cases Iím even more critical, especially when it comes to Sci-Fi and horror. Not only have I conditioned myself to skip the mediocre and crap, but also to set my sites higher and expect better.

Last night was the two hour premier of the new SyFy show Defiance. Iíve been psyched to see this in the respect that it might provide something new to count on watching. On the other hand, Defiance is by the SyFy channel, which by my definition has lost most credibility with their offeringsí.

A premiere has a lot to do. Set a tone, a pace. Introduce and set up characters, and relationships. Provide an environment where this all takes place. Luckily for the SyFy genre, there is a lot of flexibility on what to suggest in story and structure. Out of the box if you will.

I was sorely disappointed at the premiere. Maybe because my expectations were so high? In my case Iím accustomed to product being put out today as only getting better and better and bringing itís A game. Defiance did not. Just about everything in the show we have seen time and time again. I couldnít find one new offering in the show.

Defiance has your stereotypical characters. The rebellious teen, the gruff star with a gold heart, the warring families, the female non-descript authority. Gah, then they throw in a hodgepodge of ideas like characters from Star Wars set in a cowboy/steam punk like surroundings. And donít even get me going on the subplot of a teen romance. Have the writers not learned anything from the past? They have the central cantina/brothel that all nonsense goes down. Some will say homage, I see it as been there, done that. Maybe they are hoping people are wanting the familiarity? I want innovationÖ creativity.

I know I was pissed at the lack of originality in the alien characters. Putting prosthetics over the face and head is just lazy and old hat. Defiance is one of the most expensive series to date for SyFy. Iím not seeing it. There is some hit and miss with the CGI. Sometimes it was rather decent, most of the time it looked like cheap SyFy.

As I mentioned, there was a lot to do to kick this off, but ya know what, theatrical movies do just fine of defining that information in a very quick, creative way. There is no reason to spend two hours doing this. Let alone a season of shows.

Iíve read a lot of reviews since Defiance has come on and a majority of those reviews are luke warm. Itís not exactly praising a show by saying itís the best thing in this genre, when, well itís the only thing. Some want to keep a positive view about the show and I hope they are right. I highly doubt Iíll continue. I was thinking the whole time, Iím missing Bates Motel for this?
Title: Re: Defiance
Post by: Chiprocks1 on April 24, 2013, 04:23:20 am
I never heard of it and with both trailers already pulled, I still haven't heard or seen anything relating to this series.
Title: Re: Defiance
Post by: Mac on April 24, 2013, 10:04:47 am
Weird that they pulled them.

Anyway, it advertised like crazy on the SyFy channel. I believe it's doing OK. I think audience and critics are not slamming it like I am. It may have a life (