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Title: Weeds (Season 8 - The Final Season - 2012)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on October 10, 2013, 05:31:31 pm
Weeds (Season 8 - The Final Season - 2012)



Overall, I liked The Final Season of Weeds. Not perfect, but they threw in a few surprises that made it somewhat unpredictable. As I said, I liked the season, but I can't remember anything that happened other than the 1st, 11th and 12/13th episode. Why? Well, the first episode shows the aftermath of Nancy getting shot in the head and we come to learn that it was Tim (Daryl Sabara), which was a nice callback to Seasons 2-3. From the end of Season 7 to the beginning of this one, it was a guessing game as to who shot her. I had completely forgotten about the character that he wasn't even on my radar as a possible suspect.

This season is basically all about Nancy going "legit". She no longer slings and peddles dime-bags. No, she has climbed the corporate ladder and joined forces with a pharmaceutical firm, which turns out to be the most crooked of all business'. Definitely a jab at what is legal and not legal in how certain businesses are regulated and monitored and can get away with things that someone on their own can not.

The 11th episode brought on a ton of surprises as it basically shoehorned as many former characters from the early half of the series that just disappeared in one form or another. They brought back Yael, Megan and Guillermo. But the biggest and best of course was the return of Conrad. It was actually cool to see them come back because had the series ended without their participation, I think it would have felt completely wrong.

The 12/13th episode / Series Finale brought on even more former characters for one last swan song, which saw Dean, Sanjay, Marvin and Clinique return as well. As cool as that was, the episode really threw me for a loop because it jumped 10-12 years into the future from where it left at the end of the 11th episode. There was such a big cliffhanger at the end with Andy and Nancy finally consummating his unrequited love for her and then realizing he wouldn't or couldn't stick around because she basically has been and would continue to suck the life out of him and never commit to him they way he has always longed for.

So, I naturally was expecting that the story would pick up there. Didn't happen. The entire time I was watching the series finale, I kept thinking this was Nancy "life flashing before her eyes" moment and that she was possibly dying and THIS was the future she was seeing. Nope. This isn't the kind of farewell episode I would have gone with, but I kinda get what they were going for as Nancy had to feel the remorse and guilt of everything she did to the family and having them basically moving on with their own lives gave her pause...."was it all worth it"? Anyway, this season is definitely worth a Rent. I did like the final shot of the Botwin Family and Doug sitting on the porch. Great song to close out the series.
Title: Re: Weeds (Season 8 - The Final Season - 2012)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on October 10, 2013, 05:32:01 pm
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