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Title: Rob Lowe: Love Life (2014)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on May 27, 2014, 11:12:03 am
Love Life - Rob Lowe


Everyone has a voice when they right, but not everyone has a clear point of view with a very distinct style that can be immediately identifiable. If you read Stories I Only Tell My Friends (, you will immediately feel at home reading Love Life. He is turning out to be a damn good writer and you can easily "hear" him as you read his words. His follow up book does have a lot to live up to given how great the first one was. There is no shortages of very funny and fascinating tales (all true) that he gives us. From his trip to Sea World to dealing with his older son going off to college to his close encounter with Bigfoot, you are bound to find something to enjoy here. As solid as Love Life is, it does peter-out at the end, especially the one about his wife. I get why he wants to give her a shoutout, but it comes across as being tacked on for the sake of earning brownie points with her. Also, the final chapter regarding Madonna felt the same way as well.

Overall, a solid read that actually has a life lesson in each story. It's all about finding something positive in things that you may initially think are crippling. Seek out adventure and create life experiences that you can treasure. It's his motto and he does a create job of sharing those memories to the reader. Definitely worth a Read.

FYI, I absolutely think Rob dropped the ball on the title of the book. He should have gone with Lowe Life. Come on, that sh*t right there is priceless. I was going to tweet him that, but my Twitter account doesn't seem to work anymore. No surprise there since I haven't use it in like 3-4 years. Oh well, I guess that gem of a title will just have to stay put at Penny Can.
Title: Re: Rob Lowe: Love Life (2014)
Post by: Mac on May 27, 2014, 11:31:15 am
his close encounter with Bigfoot