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Title: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on June 03, 2014, 12:02:40 pm
Sigourney Weaver Wants to Make Another ‘Alien’ Movie (

I'd be open to another Alien movie with Ripley and I think her showing interest will definitely get the suits talking and hatching out a contract before she changes her mind. But would Ridley Scott actually want to go up against a Ripley-centered Alien flick with his own prequel Alien flicks? If they do a 5th installment, why not get Scott to helm it? Is that even a possibility at this point? And what about that rumor of James Cameron and Scott doing alternate installments. Awww, to be a fan of the franchise and speculate all over again. Cameron is locked up in Avatar-land. He will NEVER do this.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Mac on June 03, 2014, 12:41:59 pm
I read about Ms. Weaver's comments last night. It's Deja Vu all over again from Alien 3 and then again for Alien 4. At those times, Sigourney (and I'm sure the studio had some say  :P ) dictated what was made. Tons of writes and re-writes.

Guess she thinks it's time to get back to it.

While it's a fantastic franchise, if another one doesn't get made, that's fine. Alien 4 is so horrible (like Indy 4), I don't think the masses are screaming for more. And a reboot just might **** me off. I'm satisfied with a new direction of Prometheus franchise.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Neumatic on June 03, 2014, 02:10:56 pm
See, reading that little article, especially
Quote from: Sigourney Weaver
“I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished,” she continued. “I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story.”
that to me sounds more like "yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to make another one."  Why wouldn't they, they're doing long-delayed sequels for everything else (we need a name for that garbage, so we can dismiss the practice more easily).  I don't get a sense of "excitement" about it.

Yeah, fans love Aliens, they love the designs, they love the character, and studios love money, of course they'd consider making another one, even if it's a terrible idea.  Everyone wants what they already saw, not what they haven't imagined yet.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on February 18, 2015, 09:13:52 pm
District 9's Neill Blomkamp to Direct the Next Alien - IGN News

Looks like it's moving forward. Neil all but confirmed that the next installment will involve Ripley. So, this has got to make Sigourney Weaver happy.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Mac on February 19, 2015, 03:45:44 am
We'll see.

I like sigourney, but I think she's overdone her stay.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Neumatic on February 19, 2015, 10:53:08 am
Sigourney Weaver on Jimmy Fallon talking about maybe doing Alien 5 and a potential new victim for the xenomorphs...
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on February 19, 2015, 10:30:38 pm
What Do We Think of Neill Blomkamp Directing Alien 5? - IGN Keepin' It Reel Podcast

Roth is always gung-ho about a lot of movies that are coming out. Even when she knows that it's got issues, she will find something to get excited about it. So, I was kinda surprised that she is against this. Watching Roth talk was like watching Mac talk. Same issues for both. So, they both definitely share the same hive mind.  ;D Good conversation with all of them as they all bring up valid points for and against making this.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Mac on February 20, 2015, 08:54:56 am
Good discussion.

Yea, my point with Ms. Weaver is her character. Movies 3 & 4 felt forced to include her in the story line. Like it all revolves around her.

So we don't know what the story angle is, but if it's after Prometheus 1 or 2 and before Alien, how or why would her character be even considered? My point is if they are sitting around developing a story and one of the key characters is because Ms Sigourney is alive as an actor and she wants to do it, I think that throws a wrench into full developing a good story.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on February 26, 2015, 01:01:44 am
Blomkamp‘s Alien Movie Will Ignore Alien 3 and Resurrection - IGN News

Okay, Alien 5 just got a whole lot more interesting for me. Anyone that knows me knows my disdain for Alien 3 ('s-blu-rays/alien3-(1992)/msg13197/#msg13197). So when news broke that they were going to disregard 3 & 4, naturally my first question is whether or not they are bringing back Newt and Hicks. Now before you say that Ripley is too old for this plot point to work, just remember, they are disregarding the events that tale place after Aliens. So, an older Ripley isn't going to be a deal-breaker when they are clearly going outside the box here. Has this ever been done before with any other franchises? I can't recall it ever being done where they just "erase" continuity like this. Anyway, if they do bring back Newt and Hicks, I want to see Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn repring their roles. Come on, admit it, you're interested more today than you were yesterday regarding Alien 5. What are they going to call it now? Alien 2.5?
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Mac on February 26, 2015, 03:48:29 am
I read an article recently on the opposite view thinking ignoring parts of the franchise is a bad move. The sited a Superman doing this.

I don't know yet how I feel about that direction. Again, if they are going this route so they can include Sigourneys character, I think it's an unwise move.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Mac on February 26, 2015, 08:37:57 am
Here's the article... just an opinion piece

It was speculated, it was considered, it was argued, now it's official: Neill Blomkamp is making Aliens 2. He's going to disregard Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection and make a 'genetic sibling' to Aliens, one that Sigourney Weaver says will 'properly finish' Ripley's story. Which is weird, because it was pretty properly finished in Alien 3, but I guess that was too much of a downer for everybody.

It's Superman Returns all over again - ignoring the second two films in a franchise and chasing after the aesthetic and feel of a much older film. Will Blomkamp approach Aliens with the kind of reverence with which Bryan Singer approached Superman: The Movie, and the kind of reverence with which James Cameron did not approach Alien? Look, I've said this a lot but what makes the Alien franchise special - in both its successes and failures - is that each film is not the genetic sibling of the last. It's almost like an anthology series with continuity, and it would be so cool to continue that as opposed to aping the second best film in the franchise.

As Russ Fischer at Slashfilm points out, Weaver's comments are kind of shrugging off her role in the last two films, as she wanted no guns in Alien 3 and wanted Ripley to die. Weaver already called for an end to Ripley's story and got it!

I'm sure a lot of people will be happy that Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection are being ignored, but I hate this kind of laziness. If you're taking on a sequel and not rebooting the property you're basically playing Exquisite Corpse. Your job is to pick up the threads left and weave your own story - then leave your own threads for someone else to keep weaving. That is such a huge part of what I like about these films, but here's Blomkamp, unwilling to work at it, just hacking at the Gordian knot of Alien continuity.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on February 27, 2015, 11:09:00 pm
Neill Blomkamp Clarifies He’s Not Aiming to ‘Undo’ ‘Alien 3,’ ‘Alien: Resurrection’ (

Damage control.
Title: Re: Alien 5 (TBA)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on November 10, 2016, 05:09:40 pm
Alien 5: Lance Henriksen Says the Sequel Will Be 'Spectacular' - IGN News

I so want this to happen just to have the original Aliens cast together one more time. I'm still hopeful this will happen.