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Title: The November Man (2014)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on November 26, 2015, 11:17:45 am
The November Man (2014)


The November Man was a huge disappointment for me. What I thought we were getting was Pierce Brosnan returning to familiar ground, ala "James Bond" territory. But the writing destroyed any chance of that happening. Whoever wrote this pile of sh*t should be forced to go back and take Screenwriting 101 because clearly he / she doesn't know a thing about the basics of what is needed for this half-baked Thriller. For starters, there are just way too many generalities throughout most of the flick. I get that there is a benefit for some thrillers to have some mystique to keep one guessing as you try to put things together. But there are so many issues here that I gave up trying long before we get to the end and the end itself was so unsatisfying that the "work" put into trying to piece things together were not worth it. On top of a bad plot was the fact that Brosnan's character had what amounts to bi-polar disorder. He's suppose to be this suave ex-agent, much like 007, but then out of nowhere he has this one scene where he was psychotic. It was so extreme that I actually thought this was a big twist for the story in that HE was the actual villain of the movie. Not so. Thumbs down on the editor as well. A lot of bad edits at the wrong time that does more harm than good that it actually muddies up the story even further. Definitely a Skip. Even Olga Kurylenko can't save this.