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Title: Roger Hodgson
Post by: Mac on September 28, 2016, 09:35:25 am
Roger Hodgson


Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Un freaking believable. Roger Hodgson, writer, singer, keyboards, guitarist talents to the highly, but defunct Supertramp, is coming to St. Louis... AND I'M NOT GOING TO BE HERE.

F*ck me. I've loved the talents of Hodgson since the begininnings of Supertramp, sad during their split up and then have a been a big fan of his on all his solo stuff. And that was years ago. I've got all the solo stuff. I've got even the concert he himself put out. I subscribe to his website. He for years only toured in Europe and Canada. I actually tinkered with going to one of the rare Canadian concerts.

Suddenly last night, out of the blue, I get an email about his latest leg of his tour will come to St.louis. That sold out immediately and he added a second show. I'm floored. I could still get good seats.

Well, it slowly dawned on me, the Dec 5th date was flagging me. Yep, going to Aruba on vacation for two weeks. The concert is dead in the center of that time away.

Oh well, guess, it was not meant to be.