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Title: Christmas 2016
Post by: Mac on November 12, 2016, 03:58:07 pm
Pssssst.... guys.... come closer... I have to whisper... because I think my wife is going crazy.

As we speak, she is Finishing putting up the Christmas tree. She had me put on Christmas music from pandora...

And get this... tomorrow she wants me to put up the outdoor Christmas lights.

I don't think she is off her meds. She doesn't take meds, but maybe she should be on some.

... I am messing with her so bad. This is so weird. And she told me she just got done talking to her daughter and she's doing the same.WTF.

well, to be honest, we do leave for two weeks in Aruba, the day after thanksgiving, and she realized, when we get back, if we put up the tree, it would be for a very short time.

So I know she's doing for herself, her daughter, and the lady coming to watch our dogs.

Good grief... I'm not liking this turn of events.

What next, leave the tree up all year and start taking in cats?

I'm gonna turn on Bad Santa
Title: Re: Christmas 2016
Post by: Neumatic on November 12, 2016, 11:26:28 pm
I have no god d*mn clue what i'm going to do for Christmas, or birthdays (cause those ALL come at the same time).  I mean, I never have an idea, but now I can't go visit my family in Boston (when we could REALLY all stand to be together) because I got seasonal employment.  So I'll at least have cash to burn for gifts, if I could only figure out what gifts to give.

We're all at that age now where we don't need "stuff."  We don't have everything we need, but we need to purge and organize more than we need to add on.  I never ask for anything, I usually get money (which I rarely ever spend on anything) and gift cards.  I don't like how unfestive that is, but at the same time... I know the stuff that would really make me smile is stuff that no one would know to look for.  Too specific, too inside baseball.  I wouldn't even know what to get me, I almost never splurge.  Heck, I got new slippers and pants and it felt indulgent.

We used to get Em hedgehog stuff, but now that Daisy's gone, we can't do that.  Too soon, too sad.
Title: Re: Christmas 2016
Post by: Mac on November 13, 2016, 05:28:22 am
Sounds like a series of mixed emotions for you this time of year. It can be a tough time.