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Title: KISS: The Second Coming (2000)
Post by: Chiprocks1 on November 07, 2011, 02:30:29 pm
KISS: The Second Coming (2000)

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Great documentary about the reunion, 17 years in the making. Although they focus on the reunion and how it came to be, I wish they had did more with the history of KISS instead of just glossing over everything that came before. That problem would eventually be rectified with the Kissology sets. But still...

Tons of behind the scenes stuff, rehearsals, etc...

Seeing them put the makeup and costumes back on for the first time and heading to the Grammy's unannounced is great. Seeing Tupac's reaction when meeting them at the Grammy's is priceless.

It's interesting to see that this doc was written, produced, and directed by Tommy Thayer, who went on to replace Ace Frehely by literally stepping into his costume and makeup (which is when I literally bailed on KISS). Its not mentioned in the doc. Just a keen eye on the linear notes. Seems he had been plotting way back then. Sneaky.

This is definitely a Buy for KISS fans and for Documentaries in general.