What Is The Best Ace Frehley Album of All Time?

Ace Frehley (1978)
1 (100%)
Frehley's Comet (1987)
0 (0%)
Second Sighting (1988)
0 (0%)
Trouble Walkin' (1989)
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Anomaly (2009)
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Author Topic: Ace Frehley - Discography  (Read 1843 times)

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Re: Ace Frehley - Discography
« on: January 20, 2012, 02:42:07 pm »
Ace Frehley (Frehley's Comet - Second Sighting) 1988

Chip's Original Reveiw

Pretty solid followup to his last full length album. It's more of the same. Just that Anton Fig does not play on this one. He wouldn't return until Trouble Walkin' album that follows this one.

Stand out songs on this one are "Insane". Hot hot hot Nurses in the video is always a good thing. Also "It's Over Now" is another great song. I actually try to avoid listening to this one as much as I can, because it always turns into an earworm that last for 2 weeks non stop. But Tod Howarth really got to shine on this song and the guitar solo is ****ing awesome. Works perfectly with the rest of the song. Give it a listen and curse my name when you get an earworm. I warned ya. My favorite song though has gotta be "Juvenile Delinquent". Great crowd sing-along-song.

"The Acorn is Spinning" definitely ranks up there for originality. How to describe this one. It's an instrumental, but it's not. What we get are 2 dudes in the background talking about a boxing match, making a bet, watching the fight, and what happens afterwards. I guess you can say its a soundtrack to what is happening with the 2 dudes telling the story about the match. No singing here. Oh forget it, you just have to hear for yourself to understand it. 

Updated Review

The above review pretty much sums it all up here.

Fave Songs: Insane, It's Over Now, Juvenile Delinquent, Fallen Angel, Separate and The Acorn is Spinning

Album cover = Pfftt!!! Boring. :shake:

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