What Is The Best Fleetwood Mac Album of All Time?

Fleetwood Mac (Aka Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac -1968)
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Mr. Wonderful (1968)
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Then Play On (1969)
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Kiln House (1970)
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Future Games (1971)
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Bare Trees (1972)
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Penguin (1973)
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Mystery to Me (1973)
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Heroes Are Hard to Find (1974)
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Fleetwood Mac (1975)
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Rumours (1977)
1 (100%)
Tusk (1979)
0 (0%)
Mirage (1982)
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Tango in the Night (1987)
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Behind the Mask (1990)
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Time (1995)
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Say You Will (2003)
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Other (Leave Comment)
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Author Topic: Fleetwood Mac - Discography  (Read 420 times)

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Re: Fleetwood Mac - Discography
« on: April 03, 2012, 10:12:56 pm »
Fleetwood Mac (Rumors) 1977

Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time
at # 25

Not only is Rumors easily the Best Album Fleetwood Mac ever did, I personally say this is the one of the Greatest Albums of All Time, right behind The Beatles' Abbey Road, KISS' Destroyer and Van Halen's 1984 So obviously I disagree with where Rolling Stone Magazine places this on their 500 Greatest List. There may be plenty of other albums out there that are technically better than Rumors, but for me it's what the album means to me on a personal level. They say that music marks the time it was released and that listening to any of the songs can instantly take you back to where you first heard the music. Sights. Sounds. Smells. As big as KISS influenced my upbringing as a kid, the only other album that even comes close and at times surpasses recalling where I was at the time is Rumors. I think it's easier for me to get back into that kid mode because with KISS I had every album and they all blurred into one over the years, but with Rumors it was just that album alone.

If there is one album that I'm against double dipping, it's this one. This album is so ingrained into my DNA that getting the 2-Disc Deluxe Edition would be too jarring with all the added content of outtakes and demo's. Part of me wants to check it out, but the sensibly side of me says to not mess with perfection. Rumors is basically a soundtrack to my childhood, along with KISS and a couple of other bands and messing with the playing order of the Deluxe Edition could in a way alter my perception of Rumors.

Every single song on Rumors is instant gold. There is no throwaway song to be found. I can hum and sing every song at the drop of a hat because they are so memorable. If you haven't gotten a copy yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Go pick it up now!

Fave Songs: All of 'em. But I do have to point out some of my all time favorite songs are in fact on this album: Never Going Back Again, Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way, Songbird and Gold Dust Woman. Sheesh. All on the same album!!!

FYI, my Top 10 Albums of All Time is constantly changing. There are days when Rumors is at the #1 spot and listening to it today, it's currently in that #1 spot.

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