Author Topic: Breaking Bad (Season 5 - The Final Eight Episodes - 2013)  (Read 1191 times)

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Poor Jesse. I thought he was actually going to be able to escape from capture. Should have known it wasn't going to be as simple as that. He can't ever catch a break. Now his captors kill Brock's mother to send him a message and that if he doesn't continue to cook for them, Brock will be next. What is there for him to do that can get him out of this? Hell if I know.

As for Walt, how sad and pathetic has he become? Enough that he has to pay the guy that's been harboring him for a month to stick around for an hour, just to have human contact. Alone in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere getting treatment for his illness. That's is just beyond sad. To top it off, he had to hear from Flynn that he wants him gone already. Can ya get any lower than this? I dunno. So, the final scene had him watching TV and seeing Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz, the owners of Gray Matter Technologies the company he co-founded back in the day. I'm guessing that them talking sh*t about him and saying that he didn't contribute anything to the company beyond the name has set Walt off. But to do what? Seek revenge against them for that? Not sure.

One last episode.......tonight, and then it's all over.
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