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Re: Parenthood (Season 3)
« Reply #75 on: February 15, 2012, 08:23:03 am »
Last nightís episode seemed to be divided up into more small bites. It appeared to be trying to tackle more than its usual frenetic story lines. My favorite scene by far was when Crosby approached his dad Zeek about the medicine. I could feel the love and relationship in those few minutes.

Drew is still the most boring character everÖ on the show, in the history of filmmaking. Even in such a passionate position of family dynamics changing, I could care less how he feels. Heís not making me feel anything because quite frankly, heís a horrible actor.

Swinging to the other side we see Max start to have some personality other than his aspergerís syndrome and connect with someoneÖ even if itís not within the family (I had to look up spinal bifida, didnít know what it is). It was touching to see him contemplate on his situation and smile. It was not good to see him starting to use his defect as an excuse, even when he probably doesnít understand it. I would expect we will see more of that. Iím sure Adam and Kristina have been aware this could happen and hoping like hell to avoid it. This just brings even more of the mountainous stress they must be going through.

Donít even get me going with what Sarah and Mark are doing by considering a child. Sarah has so many issues, it makes my head spin. While a women can conceive at anytime, pregnancy after 35 starts to get risky with health issues. Sarah is 41. I'm whining, but still, Sarah want's a child because of Mark's comment. Not that she wants a child. It's about the love between them. The child just sounds like a prize because of their love for each other.

Oooo- oooo-oooo, Amber is getting some strange. I guess that was her being sexy, but hey, she's strange.
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