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Re: Parenthood (Season 3)
« Reply #75 on: February 22, 2012, 07:53:20 am »
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This was a very interesting episode. One family is getting crushed while the another is repairing and salvaging theirs and another is looking to start fresh in New York. That's a lot of change and it was interesting to see the interplay between the three. Not sure which had the biggest impact both on screen or with me, so I will just start with the order it is presented.

Sarah and Mark have decided to move to New York so that she can resume her Broadway ambition and give Mark a chance to teach there while preparing to start a family of their own. Although they can dream Big with the best of the them, I wouldn't hold my breath in Sarah even pulling the trigger on this for a lot of reasons. A) She agreed to it rather quickly, in spite of thinking about her own kids. She will come up with and excuse (her Ex-Husband) as a reason not to go. B) Has she ever followed through on anything that she has said she would do? Wishy-washy. She's already using the excuse of "this is a year from now, right"? See. Doesn't want to have to think about it already.

Poor, poor Julia and Joel. The ending did not surprise me at all. I saw this coming from Day 1 and that Zoe would not give the baby up. I can imagine the feeling Julia had in the pit of her stomach when she went to the Nursery and saw Zoe playing with her newborn baby. And I can imagine the rage that was welling up inside of her. If that happened to me, knowing that you were not going to take that baby home after dreaming about it for 9 months, I would be FURIOUS!!! Oh, I can't even begin to think how irrational I personally would get in a situation like that.

But didn't Zoe sign papers giving Julia and Joel rights to adopt and that there would be no "out" clause should she change her mind at the 11th hour? If I were to draw up a contract, THIS would be at the very top of the page: YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR MIND AND TAKE BABY BACK EVEN IF YOU WANT TO. X__________: Sign Here.

And then there's Crosby and Jasmine. I saw this coming a mile away. Even though as the scene played out, I'm doing a facepalm and saying "why, why, why"? Have they not seen how this movie ends? They keep going back and making the same mistakes over and over. Having said that, I thought the scene was amazing with the way it was shot and Jabbar's reaction was f ucking priceless!! It was so damn good I had to replay it a few times. The song they chose to underscore the ending montage of the episode was perfect. Awesome.

Let's not forget about the suitors that are looking to buy The Luncheonette from Adam and Crosby. This should open up a great story arc as they are bound to butt heads over this. I think with Crosby and Jasmine back together, he will be even more steadfast in keeping his recording studio with Jasmine's backing. Hell, she even told him earlier in the episode that he should NEVER sell it. And let's not forget about the perceived "betrayal" that Crosby is sure to feel when he finds out that A) Adam had a meeting with the Suitors behind his back and B) He is working on their behalf to get him to sell.
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