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Well, Agent Ward went from 'disliked' to 'hated' in a matter of seconds as soon as he killed off Patton Oswalt's character. It sucks that he run on the show came to an abrubt end. I was very much looking for him to expand to a recurring role. F*ck! The only episode was about whether or not anyone from SHIELD would be able to ferret out that Ward was working for HYDRA, especially Skye. Would she be able to figure it out before it was too late? Well, she does temporarily go into meltdown mode upon learning the grisly truth about him. But she is able to summon up the 'Agent' inside of her and is now using her new found knowledge. Keep you 'friends' close, but keep your enemies closer. I'm sure that Ward will see through her little charade pretty fast, but it should be fun watching this play out.

You know I loooooooooooooove Amy Acker, and I currently get a healthy dose of her on Person of Interest, but I was somewhat disappointed by her turn in this episode. It's not that she was bad. Far from it. It was her character that just didn't do anything for me. Amy has had a knack of playing some damn memorable characters over her career (Angel, Dollhouse, Alias, Person of Interest). So, to see her just playing a 'damsel in distress' character was kind of beneath her. The only way I get on board with this character is if they in fact have her as a recurring character as the love interest to Coulson. If they do that, then I'm 100% on board for her role and it makes perfect sense as to why she would be an 'ordinary' character. But if this turns out to be a one and done role, then really, what was the point of wasting Acker like that?
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