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Nothing Personal

One of the best things that all the Marvel movies have done, including the series itself are the inclusions of the epilogue that closes out each story. You know, that 'Special Bonus Scene' that follows the end credits to give you one last thing to chew on until next time. Well, this one has a whopper of an epilogue. If you have been following the series, you know that the one thing driving Coulson is to uncover exactly who Nick Fury answers to, especially who gave him the go ahead regarding the TAHITI project that saved Coulson's life. Through a Top Secret, Eyes Only video file, we see Coulson telling Fury to pull the plug on the project due to side effects. So, since we already know how the story played it, the revelation is that Fury went against Coulson's wishes and not only that, uses the project on Coulson himself. The eventually confrontation between the two should be explosive.

That's just the ending of the episode. Everything that came before was just as good, especially Skye playing Ward long enough to alert the Police to their whereabouts. It's all for naught as Deatlok intervenes and takes her hostage again. Leave it up to Coulson to rescue her and using his convertible car as an escape.....from 30,000 feet in the air. It was fun and watching the car fly around and landing was very reminiscent of the Delorean from Back to the Future Part II. Bonus points for Cobie Smulders cameo in this one, further tying the series to the films. I'm really glad I stuck with the show and hope that ABC renews it for a Second Season. It would be tragic if they cancelled the series now.
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